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Stacey Gummey

Stacey Gummey, founder, director and lead teacher of Hickory Hill Nature School (HHNS) provides a wide range of environmental education consulting services for various types of programs.  Stacey has built several educational programs over her 20+ years of experience including founding, designing and implementing the entire HHNS program from the ground up. HHNS is the first state licensed and Cedarsong accredited Forest Kindergarten in the United States. She has extensive experience with both for-profit and non-profit institutions, including navigating the transition from for-profit to non-profit.  Stacey's deep knowledge and experience can support all phases of growth from starting a school/program to helping you evolve your current program.


Consulting Opportunities

​Services Offered:

  • One-on-One Needs Assessment or Full Program Audit

  • Blueprint for starting your program

  • Mapping program needs and requirements

  • Creating an LLC or Non-Profit

  • Insurance needs and requirements

  • Acquiring your 501 C 3 Status (Non-Profit) Guidance

  • State Licensing Guidance

  • Local Zoning Guidance

  • Establishing a budget

  • Pricing your program

  • Staffing needs assessments and diversification

  • Communication guidelines for community- including parents and staff


If program is already established, in addition to the above offered services:

  • ·       Program observation

  • ·       Site Assessments

  • ·       Site Plan

  • ·       Director and Teacher Qualification Assessments

  • ·       Director and Teacher Qualification Requirements

  • ·       Gear Requirements

  • ·       Samples of Program Handbook, Covid-19 Guide, Registration Packets, Emergency Guide and Teacher Training Guide



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