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Stacey Gummey, Founder, Executive Director and Lead Teacher

Stacey is a certified Forest Kindergarten Teacher, a trained Pennsylvania Master Naturalist and herbalist.  She is also a native of Kennett Square, PA. Stacey began her studies at West Chester University in Pennsylvania with a focus on Art Education. She went on to MCCA Training Institute in Maryland and received her Early Childhood Education Development and Curriculum Teaching Certificate and also studied the Reggio Emilia Approach where she honed her skills as an Early Childhood Educator. After 5 years as a classroom teacher and 8 years as a Director at a large playgroup in Washington,  DC. Stacey Gummey founded Hickory Hill Nature School to meet the needs of families who value the Forest Kindergarten philosophies and to offer an alternative to a 4 wall classroom that does not fit all children's needs.  Stacey has come full circle in her love of nature as she experienced a very nature rich childhood in Kennett and Unionville growing up. Stacey and her husband Michael are also the proud parents of Endsley (10) and Hutch (7). They currently reside in Chadds Ford, PA. 

Jill Panunto
Director & Teacher


Jill’s love for nature began during childhood where she spent her days immersed in imaginative play on her family’s 8-acre wooded land in Pennsylvania. She could often be found building forts, climbing rocks or searching for turtles near the creek.


While earning her Bachelors in Business Administration and pursuing a career in real estate, Jill continued to seek solace in the natural world. She found hiking and running outdoors as a means to de-stress.


Today, Jill loves taking her four children to wander new hiking paths and swim in creeks, while striving to introduce curiosity and connection to the world around them. Jill credits time spent outdoors to an appreciation for what nature has to offer us aesthetically, physically and spiritually.


Jill works as a birth doula and a chapter leader with ICAN of Delaware. During her free time, she enjoys quiet walks alone, reading, and wild edible foraging.

Alyssa Molin

Alyssa has been a teacher with Hickory Hill Nature School for over three years. She is loved by all with her positive perspectives and personality as well as her use of color! She is a Master Naturalist and has worked at the Delaware Nature Society teaching as well. Her understanding and, professionalism and kindness are truly valued. 

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